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Photo Biotech Experience

Unique to Photo Biotech Affiliate Clinics /Medspa is the industry experience and range of equipment available from a single source. Single Source Technology Procurement: The clear advantages are that training is unified and redundancy is minimal. Redundancy with regards to services and treatments are also eliminated. Therefore, each machine is potentially an effective profit center. Comprehensive training which can be arranged to meet specific needs. Photo Biotech industry experience minimizes start up errors and accelerates the term to profitability.


Photo Biotech Company

Photo Biotech: The only manufacturer with a comprehensive and balanced range of high tech aesthetic anti-aging equipment. Photo Biotech Broadband Energy (BBE) is the next step in evolutionary technology. Resulting in ultra fast and effective non-invasive aesthetic anti-aging treatments.

Photo Medicine – Photo Therapy – Cellular Photo Bio-Stimulation

History and early development of Photo Biotech, derive from the manufacturing of laser aesthetic technology, photo-therapy, photo-medicine, pain therapy/ management and compatible electromagnetic technology. The discipline gravitates around cell-regeneration, DNA re-programming to encourage and influence a pre-existing youthful state of bio-molecular activity.

Technology And The
Influence On Anti-Aging

Aging is achieved by a cycle of different biochemical procedures in the body that influence it, both internally and externally. These biochemical procedures cause the body to degenerate over a timeframe, affecting the wellbeing, wellness and physical appearance of an aging person. Anti-aging is delay, stop or retard the aging process. Recently, there has been significant increase in anti-aging phenomenon.

About Photo Biotech: “Instant Results Focused Technology”

The keys to the success of Photo Biotech Clinics / MedSpa: Confirmed research, testing, white papers and subsequent innovative enhancement results in the desired standard of efficacy and ultra fast effective non-invasive aesthetic and anti-aging treatments.