Affiliate Startup Guide

Affiliate Startup Guide

It’s that easy! Photo Biotech Financial funding platform will help you grow or start-up.

Consult with our Business Development Specialists

The Business Plan – Business Case

Most investors, bank, lenders and partners will usually request some sort of document that will illustrate your business goals, potential revenues / profitability forecast model and business vision.

The Business Plan – Business Case, can be daunting and intimidating for most people. Many people will give up and walk awayfrom their dream as soon as business plan/ case is requested. Our Specialists and technology will auto generate your unique business plan/case.

Aprofessionally formatted and designed formal business plan /business case for banks, lenders, investors and partners can be generated upon request.

Photo Biotech offers Profit Sharing Affiliate Partnerships, with conditional anytime buyout, for qualifying affiliates that may be short on capital and require financial assistance to get going. But you will need a business plan!

1. Let’s Begin!


2. What profile of business is best suited for your start-up or investment?

(Grow As You GO!)
Slow and steady…add equipment to an existing location, join and participate in the existing marketing, transition into a full-service affiliate by investing partial earning… Grow as you Go!
(Fast Track)
Open a phase one concept spa, with moderate investment, eventually grow I to a full service.
(All In!)
Full and All Services Spa / Medspa or Beauty Bar
(Not Sure Yet)
Still Exploring Options

3. Financing the business

After consulting with Photo Biotech (if required), determine how mush capital (Money) will be required. Quantify an approximate start up budget
(how much money are you willing to commit to including loans).
Confirm exactly how much actual cash in hand is available.
(excluding Photo Biotech Loans and Photo Biotech Lending partners)
Budget for the Technology
(Aesthetic Technology from Photo Biotech, i.e., IPL, Laser, Cool Sculpting…)
Budget for the Lease improvement
Budget for working capital
(how much capital you will need to cover the difference (start-up losses) until the business breaks even. (rent, basic salaries&utilities) ($10-30,000)
Budget for marketing (typically between ($250 - $2500 per month)

4. Business Location

Location (your rent)Confirm a retail space for your business
Convert an existing space
Location Options
500sqft micro boutique
usually found in premium demographics, high-end malls, premium high rent streets.
900-1500 sqft standard retail space size
1500-3000 sqft large space for full-service business
with relax bar and consultation lounge, sauna etc.…
Obtain the PDF of the floor plan from the landlord FREE
Our (or your) architects and interior designer will create a floor plan and design plan.
Upon your approval we will create a general material board and leasehold improvement plan for your contractor or landlord. Average renovation (leasehold improvement) cost can be between $20-$70 per foot. Lease improvements / renovations expenses will vary based on the existing condition, and age of building, size of space. Often landlords may contribute to the partial or even full cost of the improvement based on the term of the lease.
Running Total

5. Furniture list

Treatments Bed / Tables, Desks, Chairs, Lighting, Reception Desk, Reception Sofa, Reception Chair, Washer / Dryer, Chandelier / Lighting, Artwork, Mirrors, Speakers, Furniture Budget ($10,000 - $30,000)
Running Total
Treatment Technology (Photo Biotech Technology only or approved suppliers)
  • Contact Photo Biotech 1-855-307-4086 for preferred affiliate pricing and discounts.
  • You view all available technology at
  • Laser hair Removal Diode
  • Facials and Photo Facial
  • Dermatology Treatments
  • Fat Targeting Solutions
  • Feminine Health
  • Body Contouring
  • Anti-aging
  • Pain Management
  • Other
Budget between $50,000 - $500,000
Running Total


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    Simple one-page credit application

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    Most credit decisions made within 2 hours

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    Quick approval for Up to $250,000* - Up to $1,000,000 financing is available

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    Flexible terms up to 60 months

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