Competitive Advantage

Our Competitive advantage (CA) is the advantage you gain over the competition.


Grow as you go!

Maintaining competitive advantage is crucial to many businesses or organizations' success in order to survive in the market. Here is how:

  • The ability to sustain profits that exceed the average for the industry through developing distinctive competencies: distinctive, because the competition doesn’t have them and because they are fundamentally difficult to replicate. Also, because independently it is too expensive to keep adding machines.
  • Competitive advantage through people is critical for a business to succeed. Without people, businesses would lack the ability to have the innovations to differentiate their products or services from their contenders. Photo Biotech Support is the advantage.
  • By providing or offering premium aesthetic services at a Greater value for money and superior results.
  • Your competitive advantage in part will be characterized by superior performance which could be attributed to Photo Biotech equipment.
  • Outperform the competitors with a comprehensive range of aesthetic services.
  • Comprehensive, consistent & complete marketing plan.

photo biotech Advantage

Marketing & Advertising Kit

Template and adaptable marketing material is currently under design and development. Including: brochures, signage, in-clinic material, press release content, soft launch and grand opening concepts, local print media i.e. newspaper and magazine ad design and more.

photo biotech Advantage

Medical Community Support Network

Majority of owner partners/ associates are in the medical community. As we grow together, this consortium immediately contributes to substantial brand equity and creates a true awareness of an ultra premium brand. Qualified Medical Aestheticians with experience are encourage to seek this opportunity.

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